Case Studies

Case Study 1

Dear Mrs Taylor

We spoke last month about problems I was having with my household insurance renewal premium following flooding last summer (despite fitting your SMART AirBrick®)

I am pleased to report that having pursued matters further with Hastings Direct and AXA a proposed premium of £1394 has been reduced to £311

AXA have taken account of both the new AirBricks and work recently undertaken on our local river by the Environmental Agency.

I am delighted to have escaped the insurance flooding post code lottery and thought you would like like to know the product played a part in this.

Your Sincerely
Mr R

Case Study 2

CS2Mr X from Gloucester
50+ years of age
Trouble walking (2 sticks needed)
Difficulty Sleeping
Lives alone
No home help
Lack of mobility
Unable to fit AirBrick covers
Tires quickly

1st Flood
June 25th 2007
Six o’clock in the morning
Fire brigade called
Pumped water away
Half seven all water gone
4″ over the skirting board through the entire property
Power lost
Flood due to drainage not coping and brook that runs open along the back of the garden into a pipe further down the road.
This belongs to the council.
Council promised to clear after the previous flood.
Unclear to date due to lack of funding.

Prior to the repair work being completed –

2nd Flood
Saturday in July 2007
Three in the afternoon
Power cut
Water came up through floor boards
Flood reseeded within two hours
Home furnishings that were left from the original flood and not in storage were now lost.

Gradually the house dried out.
Given a certificate to say it was dry.

Quote for work to property £14,200
Replace plaster to 1 meter, electrics, paint and fit new toilet.
Work carried out well, taking two weeks.

Mr X was frightened to go to bed at night just in case. Each evening he would move all his belongings upstairs or seal them in plastic boxes.

SMART AirBrick® fitted in August 2008 once the house was put back together.

Flood again 4th September 2008.
Front water pool over the air bricks and up the front step.
Water flowed around house and down the drain.
The property was not flooded.
The water did not go through the AirBricks.

Friday 5th September 2008
Mr X contacted Eco Coverage to let us know of his success.
He has now relaxed.
Due to his circumstances Mr X feels much happier knowing that the SMART AirBrick® are fitted and that the property will not flood.
He is able to sleep at night without worrying.

‘The bricks were delivered quickly. I asked my local builder who had repaired my house to fit them. He did within a couple of hours at a very reasonable rate. I would recommend the SMART AirBrick® to anyone who wants to sleep at night without worrying.’

Property –
3 Bedroom semi-detached.
Current property price $160K
Cost of repair post initial floods – £14,200 excluding house content claim.

SMART AirBrick® fitting costing approx £700
2 hours to fit by local builder

Adjoining neighbour
Property price £160K
Repair cost post initial flood – £33,000+ including the kitchen.

8x SMART AirBrick® fitted approx £800

Case Study 3

Dear Nicky,

Sorry it has taken so long to respond. Have just fitted the second AirBricks and herewith some pics which you may be able to use.

The installation again went very smoothly and I am very pleased with the results, and the knowledge that another flood defense is in place.

CS3Best Regards

Mr F