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Eco Coverage Technologies: Flood Protection For The Home

Welcome to Eco Coverage Technologies, home of the self-closing AirBrick. We are an innovative British company offering effective flood protection solutions for your home.

The Flood Problem

With the increased building program on flood plains and the well publicised change in climate, the likelihood of large-scale house damage due to floods and flash floods has greatly increased over the past years. The protection of properties predominately by deployment by sandbags and mechanical barriers are far from ideal. They are often difficult to deploy, put in place too late, forgotten about or not removed and they can be difficult to obtain due to local peak demand and are at best only partially effective. The Royal Institute of British Architects estimates that 1.5% of the UK is at risk from direct flooding from the sea and about 7% of the country is likely to flood at least once a century from rivers. It says about 1.7m homes and 130,000 commercial properties are at risk from river or coastal flooding in England alone, and the effects of flooding and managing flood risk cost the country about £2.2bn a year, compared with the less than £1bn spent on flood protection and management. Understanding and managing the risk is a major concern for regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency, and for the insurance industry which frequently underwrites the cost of flood damage. The human costs of flooding are also high, and anyone who has had their property flooded will know that it is deeply unpleasant and frightening experience. House buyers may not be fully aware of the risks that their properties are under, and developers ignore the problems associated with building in a flood plain.

The Results of Flooding

self-closing airbrick Research by the insurance industry has shown that half a meter of floodwater within a modern semi-detached house will result in an average cost of £15,000 to repair the building and around £9,000 to replace the damaged belongings (information provided by the Association of British Insurers). Contamination can add to the cost of cleaning and disinfecting buildings that have been flooded, as often this is difficult to access if under the floor level. Risk to health is a further consideration after contaminated floodwater has entered a property. To make matters worse the initial water entry points, AirBricks on older homes, are often very close to, or even level with the ground due to additional patio’s etc that owners add to their properties over time.

Our Flood Protection Solution

By protecting the water entry points into your home the risk of flooding can be greatly reduced. The entry points include AirBricks, gaps around the doors and windows, back-flow through drains, seepage through the ground under your home and cracks in the brickwork. Eco Coverage Technologies innovative SMART AirBrick® addresses the protection of the AirBrick, the main water entry point under your property. An unprotected AirBrick will allow an estimated maximum 50,000 litres of water through in 1 hour. The new innovative SMART AirBrick® conceived by Eco Coverage Technologies is based on a modular design that allows air to pass through but not water and will replace the standard clay AirBrick. Find out more….