The SMART AirBrick®

Introducing the SMART AirBrick®

The new innovative design concept conceived by Eco Coverage Technologies is based on a modular design that allows air to pass through but not water and will replace the standard clay AirBrick. The design solution employs a flood-activated valve that allows unrestricted airflow complying to BS493:1995 but blocks movement of water. Since all power requirements are sourced from the floodwater the SMART AirBrick® will operate independently from all the house services.

The SMART AirBrick® an efficient solution to your AirBrick flooding problems requiring the minimum of maintenance. As an affordable, attractive alternative to AirBrick covers the SMART AirBrick® can be fitted easily to any property with a standard clay AirBrick.

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Efficient Design

Once fitted your SMART AirBrick® will act as a standard clay AirBrick allowing the free flow of air. During flood conditions the SMART AirBrick® will become activated stopping the flow of floodwater under the property.
During heavy winds the brick will also become activated stopping fast airflow beneath the property, assisting the retention of heat within your house and potentially helping to save you money.
The SMART AirBrick® is subject of UK Patent GB2397592


Quality is at the heart of Eco Coverage and it is our aim to meet and exceed customers expectations through continuous improvement. We have chosen only the highest quality materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass, UV stabilized polypropylene and glass filled ABS to produce the SMART AirBrick®.


The SMART AirBrick® is available in both terracotta and stone (grey) depending on the exterior of your property. Its geometry is compliant with BS493:1995 size 225mm x 75mm and is designed to be fitted in position with mastic and pointed with mortar.

The SMART AirBrick® can be purchased directly from us…