1) Why do we need air bricks?

AirBricks are essential to allow airflow under the property eliminating the risk of damp and dry rot within the timbers and the build up of poisonous gasses from the central heating system. They also stop rodent infestation.
As they are positioned at ground level they are the first point of entry for flood water.
Up to 50,000 litres of water will flow through a single unprotected AirBrick within an hour instantly flooding under the property.
The water will then come up and into the ground floor area.

2) How can the SMART AirBrick® stop this?

The SMART AirBrick® is a low maintenance automatic solution to AirBrick flooding.
Replacing the AirBricks within your property they act essentially as an AirBrick allowing unrestricted airflow (meeting the British standards for AirBricks) yet in the event of a flood a valve device within the brick automatically shuts off stopping the ingress of water.

SMART AirBrick® in action

3) Can I install the SMART AirBrick® myself?

The SMART AirBrick® can be installed by any competent builder. We suggest sourcing a recommended builder from your local council. Please obtain quotes prior to ordering.

4) How long do they take to fit?

A competent builder can fit 10-15 units per day.

5) What do I need before the flood?

The SMART AirBrick® is a ‘minimal maintenance’ solution to your air brick flooding. Once fitted they require no pre-flood intervention. To ensure an effective seal it is important to keep the SMART AirBrick® clean and free from excessive build up of dust. (As expected for the standard clay AirBricks).

6) What do I do after the flood?

Post flooding it is essential to ensure that you have free airflow through the AirBricks, therefore you must ensure that the valve balls have returned to their free position.

Maintenance Instructions

Depending on the levels of silt in the flood water and the debris build up within the brick this may not be possible. We advise cleaning the SMART AirBrick® using a hose or watering can through the front grill. If the balls are still blocked from moving freely the SMART AirBrick® has a modular design ensuring that the front cover can be removed for easy access to clean.

7) My air brick seems larger than the size you sell?

Some AirBricks are double or even triple size depending on what they are venting. To achieve a double size 2 SMART AirBrick®‘s can be placed one on top of the other and joined using mastic. The lower close and as the water rises the second will automatically shut off.

8) How do I order?

You can purchase by contacting us directly. We can offer the best price per unit which decreases the more units that are purchased. So please contact us for a no obligation quotation valid for 30 days for the number you require.

9) Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We applaud and encourage property owners to group together to purchase a large order size; this is reflected within the quotation offered. Please contact us where our sales team can forward a no obligation quote valid for 30 days.

10) How do I pay?

We accept Cheque, Bank transfer or Paypal payments.

11) How long does it take for the SMART AirBrick® to be delivered?

We currently hold a large stock of SMART AirBrick® therefore once payment has been received we endeavor to deliver within 3-5 working days depending on demand.